Host a Static Website in Azure Storage Account

.. and in part two deploy from Github using Azure Devops

Posted on 11/9/2020 12:00:00 AM

In this summary of steps, and a gotcha' i encounterd when deploying the resource in the Azure pipeline...

Step One : Create a GPv2 Azure storage account

Within Azure Portal, create a storage account :

 Create Stroage Account

For this walkthrough, select StorageV2 and Locally Redundant Storage is fine for this example, to keep everything easy to "clean up" i am creating an azure resource group rg-blog.

Step Two : Enable Static Website

With the resource created above, it will take a minute or so to deploy on azure. Click on "staticwebsiteblog" , then on the left hand menu under Settings > Static website.

Click on static website "enable" ; in the example below i set the index document name to index.html and error document path to error.html.

Enable Static Website

An azure storage container is created "$web" and can be view on the Primary Endpoint.

Step Three : Manually uploading content to the storage account.

Clicking to the '$web' you can view the contents of the container - which you can upload files manually....


In the Next Blog Post we will create a git reposity in Github and use azure devops pipelines to publish to this container when the branch is commited and in turn triggers the pipeline.





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