Media Icons in Umbraco 6

Backoffice package for umbraco

Posted on Thursday, October 09, 2014

Umbraco is an excellent Content Management System(cms). Editors find the backoffice intuitive and if the developer makes it even easier, for example following Douglas Robar advice on being an Umbraco superhero, the editors will love you more! 
Umbraco developers have to remember that they are building a system that will ultimately result in the content editor spending a lot of their time in the back office, so anything that makes it slicker or even easier must be considered.

One such example is working in the media area of the backoffice. out of the box the files held in the media backoffice all have the same icon. A simple package to implement is Media Icons. 

The Media Icons package modifies the Media section trees to show file specific icons, rather than just the default Image/File icons, therfore making it easier to identify specific files types.

Additional icons can be added by dropping them in the /umbraco/images/umbraco/media/ folder and just need to follow the naming convention of {ext}.gif ie pdf.gif, doc.gif, xls.gif

If an icon can't be found, or the file has no extension, the package reverts back to the default Umbraco icons

Media _icons

Thanks to Matt Brailsford from The Outfield